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Career Spotlight: Operator

As part of Propulsion Québec’s En Route! initiative, we’re presenting a Career Spotlight series to introduce you to exciting job opportunities in this growing industry. Electric and smart transportation is the sector of the future in Quebec! To learn a bit more about the job, we talked with the people at Blue Solutions Canada.

At Blue Solutions Canada, a company that designs, develops, and sells electric vehicle batteries, there are two types of operator: assembly operators and specialized operators.

Assembly operators are responsible for assembling lithium batteries from start to finish. They connect and install the electronic components and control the high-tech, semi-automated robots involved. Specialized operators prepare and combine the raw materials that go into the lithium batteries. They operate production equipment such as extruders, ensure materials are aligned, and adjust the settings on the robots.

Both jobs require you to be resourceful and proactive. If your friends and family say you’re a perfectionist with a real attention to detail, those are spectacular qualities for an operator! And if you’re interested in technology, innovation, and R&D and want to be part of the future of mobility, this is a great career opportunity for you. Good operators are flexible, rigorous, and versatile, with top-notch observation, organizational, and fine motor skills.

“What I love about my job is that I get to work with this futuristic technology and my team and workplace are so nice!”

“I like knowing I’m working for a future-facing company.”

“The thing that motivates me to come to work in the morning is that I’m doing something important and my employer recognizes that. You feel important at Blue Solutions Canada.”

Comments from Blue Solutions Canada employees

Be part of the future of mobility

Working at Blue Solutions Canada will let you play a hands-on role in tomorrow’s transportation and create a greener, more livable world. Here are some interesting facts about the company:

  • It’s the only company in the world that produces LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer)
  • LMP batteries are “all solid state,” as opposed to other batteries on the market
  • The research, development, design, and production are all done in Quebec—these batteries are 100% made-in-Quebec!
  • The workplace is clean, well organized, quiet, and very safe
  • One of their biggest customers is Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes-Benz
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Job description

Duties of an assembly operator include:

  • Operating high-tech machinery
  • Adjusting settings on equipment according to the job instructions
  • Preparing equipment for the job
  • Assembling and inspecting electronic components
  • Crimping covers, filling, and testing for leaks
  • Installing and checking electronic boards
  • Connecting high-voltage packs

The duties of a specialized operatorinclude:

  • Operating various production machines
  • Aligning materials and adjusting settings on equipment according to the job instructions
  • Checking and inspecting product quality in accordance with standards
  • Handling and storing materials and products

Both jobs involve:

  • Completing reports
  • Making pertinent observations and recommendations for improvement
  • Attending production meetings
  • Following workplace health and safety rules
  • Preparing and cleaning the machinery as required
  • Participating in other job-related tasks as required.

Required education

Assembly operators must have two to five years of experience in an industrial setting working with high-precision equipment. A high school diploma is also required. Specialized operators need a diploma of college studies (DCS), an attestation of collegial studies (ACS), or a vocational diploma (DVS) in chemistry, plastics, metallurgy, production equipment operations, or a related field.

About Blue Solutions

Welcome to a world that’s all electric! Blue Solutions Canada is a subsidiary of the Bolloré Group, one of the top 500 corporations in the world, and has more than 300 researchers, engineers, and technicians producing high-tech batteries at two production sites in Brittany and Canada. Our business is built on our expertise designing, developing, and marketing end-to-end energy production, storage, and smart management solutions. Our batteries are used to power cars, buses, and trams as well as entire cities.

En Route! is an initiative of Propulsion Québec and is supported by the Quebec government.

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