Career Spotlight: Assembler

As part of Propulsion Québec’s En Route! initiative, we’re presenting a Career Spotlight series to introduce you to exciting job opportunities in this growing industry. Electric and smart transportation is the sector of the future in Quebec! To learn a bit more about the job, we talked with the people at AddÉnergie. Pour ce faire, nous sommes allés à la rencontre des gens d’AddÉnergie !

Do you like manual labor but don’t know what kind of job to look for? You might consider a career as an assembler in the electric and smart transportation industry! The title may seem vague, but that’s because the job can vary from one company to the next. At AddÉnergie there are different assembler jobs available depending on your skills and education. If you’re good with your hands and are comfortable following technical plans, you may be an excellent candidate for a job assembling charging stations for electric vehicles.

And you won’t get bored because there are about 30 positions you can grow into depending on your interests and strengths! From assembling the core parts to packaging the final product, assemblers at AddÉnergie draw on a variety of skills and work together to assemble innovative advanced-mobility products. Imagine coming to work every morning knowing you are helping to power one of the most innovative, advanced, clean modes of transportation in the world!


“What I like about my job as an assembler is that I’m personally helping electrify the vehicles of tomorrow. When I was deciding what career to pursue, I knew I wanted to work in a future-facing industry. If you want to work in a field aligned with your values and create a cleaner environment, working at AddÉnergie is for you! Everyone works together and we’re all treated as equals here. It’s nice to be part of such a great team!”
Stéphane Lavictoire, Assembler at AddÉnergie

A thriving business and a culture that makes all the difference.

More than 35,000 charging stations have been assembled at the Shawinigan plant since the company was founded in 2009. A full 13,000 were produced in 2020 alone, despite the pandemic—a clear sign of the company’s rapid growth.

AddÉnergie stations are used in public charging networks (like FLO), at commercial locations, and in residential settings. You can find them from coast to coast in Canada, and increasingly in the U.S., starting with Los Angeles. Since AddÉnergie charging stations are made from aluminum, they’re known for their sturdiness and durability—an important factor when you consider the long-term investment of building charging infrastructure.

When you work at AddÉnergie you’re choosing an employer who has the same environmental and human values as you. If you want to help change the world and work on an exciting, dedicated team that really cares about people, being an assembler is a great career opportunity. Plus, with a young, dynamic CEO who works on the floor and knows his employees by their first name, you’ll really feel like you’re part of the change. Avec un dirigeant jeune et dynamique qui travaille sur le terrain et connaît les employés par leur prénom, tu auras le sentiment de faire partie intégrante du changement.

Required education

There are a variety of different assemblers at AddÉnergie, including Level 2 (residential and commercial) station assemblers, electromechanical assemblers, and charging station accessory assemblers. Electromechanical assemblers need to have a vocational studies diploma (DVS) in electrotechnical studies, electronics, or electricity. Other types of assemblers simply require an interest in the field, as all training is provided on the job.

Job description

Main duties of an assembler (electromechanical or other):

  • Assemble products according to established procedures
  • Work at various stations depending on production needs
  • Follow operating, quality, and safety procedures according to established standards
  • Complete manufacturing documentation with attention to detail
  • Help improve processes
  • Package products for shipping.

Required skills:

  • Ability to read and understand technical documentation
  • Ability to use different measuring instruments
  • Good manual dexterity
  • Team player

About AddÉnergie

AddÉnergie is a leading North American charging network operator for electric vehicles and a major provider of smart charging software and equipment. Every month, AddÉnergie charging stations and its FLO network enable approximately half a million charging events and the transfer of 5.5 GWh in electricity, thanks to 35,000 high-quality public, commercial, and residential stations. AddÉnergie’s headquarters and network operations are based in Quebec City, and its assembly plant is located in Shawinigan, Quebec. The company also has an office in Montreal and regional teams located in Ontario, British Columbia, California, New York, and Florida.

En Route! is an initiative of Propulsion Québec and is supported by the Quebec government.

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