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The electric and smart transportation sector needs YOU!

Did you know that Quebec produces all sorts of electric vehicles, from scooters to trains, RVs to specialized vehicles, buses to trucks? It’s true! We make everything except cars! This booming industry will be the place to be by 2050. Now’s the time to choose an exciting career with lots of options in EST. If you want to be part of the future of mobility and make the planet a greener, more livable place, a career in clean transportation and green mobility is for you.

According to our analysis of the industry in Quebec, there are more than 650 businesses involved in ground transportation across the province—and 150 of them are dedicated to electric and smart transportation (EST). The EST sector spans the entire value chain: electric and smart vehicle manufacturers, vehicle design and assembly firms, driving software developers, battery material mines, and more. Quebec businesses also develop and manufacture charging infrastructure and the connectivity infrastructure needed for autonomous (driverless) vehicles to go mainstream. There are also new-mobility service providers (carpooling, carsharing, bikesharing, etc.) and commercial fleet operators.

Finding qualified workers is one of the key challenges to growth for the industry at the moment. Now more than ever, Quebec businesses need people like you, with a variety of different skills and backgrounds, to meet this demand. And it’s only going to grow over the coming years.

Job families

Interested in the sector but wondering what kind of job would match your skills and interests? We’ve organized career options in the EST mobility ecosystem into six big priority job categories. They are:

  1. Semiskilled workers
  2. Technicians
  3. Engineers
  4. Smart vehicle specialists, designers, and developers
  5. Programming, computer science, data, and artificial intelligence specialists
  6. Marketing, management, and service specialists

Propulsion Québec has identified 50 professions in these job families that are related in some way to the EST sector, for a total of an estimated 14,000 jobs in Quebec.

Quebec, leading the way in transportation electrification

Quebec has what it takes to become a global leader in transportation electrification and smart mobility:

  • Our hydroelectric power plants produce a ton of clean, renewable energy that’s available at a highly competitive price.
  • Our earth is rich in strategic minerals used for electric vehicle batteries (nickel, lithium, niobium, and graphite, to name a few).
  • Quebec boasts top-caliber research expertise in electric and smart transportation, both in academia and the private sector. We also have AI research centers.
  • Quebec’s four seasons and range of precipitation make it an unparalleled place for electric and smart vehicle tests, experiments, and demonstrations.

To learn more about the sector, the opportunities it offers, job openings, good places to work, and EST education and training, don’t miss En Route! The Event on March 29 and 30. It’s an unbeatable chance to explore the education, internship, and career opportunities in Quebec’s EST industry. >> www.propulsion.com/en-route

150 of them are dedicated to electric and smart transportation (EST).

En Route! is an initiative of Propulsion Québec and is supported by the Quebec government.

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