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Customer Relations at Effenco

Mastering Technology, Supporting Customers

Effenco is a pioneer in the electrification and advanced connectivity of heavy-duty vocational vehicles. And as with any company whose products are heavily driven by technology, knowledge transfer, technological transition, customer relations and personalized support are almost as vital as the product itself.


At Effenco, the role of the Customer Service Representative (CSR) requires a very specific skillset—some innate, some learned. Having to interface with customers on an almost full-time basis, the CSR is a person with strong technical skills, coupled with a natural curiosity and an outstanding ability to listen. When CSRs are not busy diagnosing or solving problems on the customer’s premises, they can be found collecting data, writing reports, explaining a complex system to a customer, or remotely monitoring the operation of vehicle fleets.


At Effenco, CSRs must wear two hats… simultaneously! Their role is both technical and relational. Curiosity, agility, friendliness, composure, structure, attention to detail, and a sense of duty round out a technical skillset that ranges from electrical and mechanical engineering to electronics. Not only are CSRs proficient in a cutting-edge field, they must also be people-oriented. They must solve problems, all the while building a long-term relationship with customers.


According to Thierry, customer representative at Effenco, ideal candidates must not only understand complex systems and know how to repair them, they must also be able to explain them to the customer in clear and simple terms.

When asked to describe a typical day at work, Thiery says that depends on where he is. When he’s at Effenco’s Montreal office, a typical day will see him making emails and phone calls, solving problems and providing remote support, anticipating needs and preparing weekly meetings with customers, and so on.

The second typical day is spent at the customer’s place of business, sometimes in a faraway country, doing major repairs or overhauls. It’s very hands-on technical work,” says Thierry, “You’re often working closely with mechanics, and even lying under a truck.”


No matter what kind of day they wake up to, CSRs must never panic or give up. Whether faced with a technical, electrical or administrative challenge, they must remain laser-focused on the puzzle at hand.

When asked to list the qualities of a CSR, Thierry answers without the slightest hesitation: “people skills, tons of patience, unflinching determination, and the resourcefulness to spare”.


Perhaps Samuel, technical expert at Effenco, interacts less regularly with customers than he used to, but his role is no less focused on customer satisfaction. He is a key link in the after-sales service chain. When one of his colleagues comes face to face with a complex problem on the other side of the world that he’s at a loss to resolve, it is Samuel who is called upon to crack the problem.

For Samuel, a typical day at work is a series of interactions with colleagues in the field who are dealing with problems they can’t troubleshoot. In addition to their technical background, technical experts must constantly challenge themselves and never skip steps if they hope to solve the enigma. Samuel says he needs to stay calm, trust in the process, and approach the problem in a structured manner. “Because priorities are constantly changing and the task can sometimes seem daunting, technical experts must start by looking at the first rock on the mountain, not the entire mountain,” says Samuel. “One step at a time based on the priority at hand. We often work in the opposite way to engineers, who will develop specifications and build a prototype before testing a solution. In our day-to-day work, we have to be nimble and fast on our feet.


Working at Effenco means being part of a team of people who care about the future of the planet. It means working in a fast-growing company and a booming industry, in a creative and relaxed atmosphere where each and every one has something to contribute. It means applying your skills for the benefit of all.

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