AVS in Specialized Heavy Equipment Mechanics


General description

This program prepares students to work as heavy equipment mechanics. They will learn the skills they need to operate hybrid energy management systems and to repair heavy vehicle systems. They will also learn to use specialized diagnostic software.


Applicants must hold one of the following DVS qualifications: Heavy Vehicle Mechanics, Construction Equipment Mechanics, or Agricultural Mechanics Mécanique de véhicules lourds routiers, ou d'un DEP construction Equipment Mechanics Applicants can also be working in a job or profession related to the program.


https://www.inforoutefpt.org/progSecDet.aspx?prog=5353&sanction=7 https://www.monemploi.com/formations/programmes/secondaire-professionnel/entretien-d-equipement-motorise/mecanique-specialisee-d-equipement-lourd

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