Electronic engineer


Engineer, Electric vehicles and charging, Smart vehicles

General description

Electronic engineers participate in all phases of product development, i.e., the design, validation, and integration of new features for electric vehicles, including batteries and electronic systems and components. They design various circuits for electronic products (inverter, charger, vehicle controller). They ensure optimal quality by following the design process and implementing best practices. They have the opportunity to work within a multidisciplinary team that includes enthusiastic and qualified engineers and technicians and to play a role in creating innovative ways to get around using electricity.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Examine electrical systems and how they are integrated in electric vehicles and batteries and examine their schematic and circuit design
  • Create the roadmap for developing electronic components for electrical systems
  • Design power electronics circuits (e.g., analog and digital printed circuit boards) and integrate them into vehicles in compliance with deadlines and performance requirements for production, quality, and cost
  • Participate in the development of system components and product architecture from design to production and ensure they are reliable
  • Supervise the development of electrical systems, including the design, simulation, prototyping, and validation of analog electronic components
  • Determine the best possible test plan, i.e., the fastest and least complex, so vehicles can be put into production quickly
  • Help create a robust system architecture and design in detail the hardware and software for testing
  • Contribute to the research and development of new technology for electronic products.

Required skills

  • Experience in product architecture and a working knowledge of the full design cycle from prototyping to production or an interest in learning more about these topics
  • Knowledge of standard electrical tools and components (digital signal processors, microcontrollers, programmable logic circuits, and peripheral circuits, simulations with MATLAB, etc.)
  • Experience in the development of electronic systems and components
  • Excellent technical problem-solving skills
  • Strong sense of teamwork and collaboration
  • Ability to work on multidisciplinary teams
  • Ability to discuss technical concepts fluently in written and spoken English
  • Membership in (or eligibility for) Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec (OIQ)

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required


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