Electrical technician


Technician, Electric vehicles and charging, Maintenance

General description

Electrical technicians provide technical support and services in the design, development, testing, production, and operation of electrical equipment and systems. They might work in a variety of settings, including electrical manufacturing plants, technical consulting firms, and the transportation industry. They have the opportunity to create breakthroughs that will meet the mobility challenges of today and tomorrow.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Design and operate power equipment and systems, process control systems, and electrical systems
  • Produce 2D technical drawings and the related 3D models required for manufacturing electrical harnesses and their components
  • Supervise the construction and testing of prototypes in accordance with general instructions and the standards in force
  • Operate or supervise the installation, commissioning, and operation of electric powertrain equipment and systems in various products
  • Operate standard and specialized equipment to evaluate, test, and analyze the performance of electrical components, assemblies, and systems

Required skills

  • Knowledge of electrical engineering, electromechanics, electrical circuit design, and wired logic
  • Ability to perform laboratory procedures (soldering of components, basic electrical procedures)
  • Strong 3D visualization skills
  • Knowledge of software such as SolidWorks and Catia
  • Aptitude for working in a changing and growing environment
  • Good teamwork skills

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required


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