Electric vehicle technician


Technician, Electric vehicles and charging

General description

Electric vehicle (EV) technician is an emerging occupation that includes a variety of job titles in the electric and smart transportation (EST) industry. The main role of EV technicians is to assist engineers in the design and manufacture of EVs and perform corrective and preventive maintenance on EVs and their components. They might work on road vehicles (heavy and light) as well as on recreational, marine, or specialized vehicles (for agriculture, forestry, or mining).

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Collaborate on the computer design of EVs and their components (powertrain system, battery pack, chassis)
  • Collaborate on technical studies inherent in the design of an EV
  • Carry out workshop tests (engine drive, battery pack and BMS, communication systems, embedded systems)
  • Verify the quality of system connections (harnesses, crimps, compliance with industry quality standards such as IPC-A-620)
  • Ensure the efficiency of the EV assembly process by diagnosing problems and offering solutions
  • Carry out road or shop tests of assembled EVs
  • Apply established safety rules for handling high-voltage systems

Required skills

  • Electromechanical engineering and industrial electronics skills
  • In-depth understanding of the various components of EVs and their powertrain systems

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required


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