Cybersecurity management specialist


Programming/computer science/data/artificial intelligence, Electric vehicles and charging, Smart vehicles, New mobility solutions

General description

Cybersecurity management specialists use a set of protocols, methods, rules, and information protection strategies to try to minimize the risk of cyberattacks. Among other things, they participate in the development of software for systems used in electric and smart vehicles. They also develop generic code algorithms for use in multiple applications. Strong values such as innovation, excellence, and team spirit are a must for pushing boundaries and inventing solutions to unprecedented challenges.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Analyze system requirements and architecture to assess the risks, threats, and vulnerabilities of electric and autonomous vehicles in accordance with accepted industry and government standards to ensure integrity, availability, privacy, and regulatory compliance
  • Establish security requirements and coordinate how they are applied
  • Help create and implement software verification and validation plans, from unit testing to integration testing
  • Implement cybersecurity and functional software security criteria for robust codes
  • Coordinate penetration tests and security audits
  • Monitor new regulations and assess their impact to anticipate new requirements

Required skills

  • Experience in cybersecurity or an interest in learning more about it
  • Knowledge of the different norms and security standards
  • Understanding of high-level technological concepts such as cloud technology
  • Knowledge of programming such as Embedded C and unit tests
  • Knack for teamwork and collaboration

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required


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