Business development and sales specialist


Engineer, Electric vehicles and charging, Smart vehicles, New mobility solutions

General description

With the growth of the electric and smart transportation (EST) sector, the role of business development and sales specialist is critical for companies to succeed. In the EST sector, these specialists might be a sales representative or business development manager or they might have a support role for a variety of products and services, often with a technical focus. Their main job is to ensure growth in turnover by acquiring new customers, expanding distribution networks, or developing loyalty and new business opportunities with existing customers. They work closely with marketing and product teams to maximize sales efforts and marketing strategies. Business development and sales specialists are instrumental in driving growth by breaking into new EST markets both locally and internationally.

Examples of tasks and responsibilities

  • Develop a portfolio of customers in order to reach sales objectives in a territory or market
  • Prospect for potential new customers
  • Participate in tenders by submitting and coordinating bids
  • Find new distribution channels for products and services in target markets
  • Negotiate business agreements with customers, partners, and service providers
  • Serve as a technical sales agent and identify customer needs
  • Work closely with technical and legal teams to create sales proposals, sales strategies, and contracts
  • Track sales activities in prospecting and customer relationship management (CRM) tools

Required skills

  • Strong skills in communication and in managing customer expectations
  • Proven ability in customer acquisition and business development
  • Technical skills related to the products and services often required
  • Ability to develop solutions that meet customer needs
  • Network of relevant contacts
  • Knowledge of prospecting and customer relationship management (CRM) tools
  • Diligence and an ability to closely monitor activities

Required training

Specialization(s) that may be required

The training required for this position varies greatly. Candidates might need to have taken a vocational, college, or advanced training program on sales and representation for less technical products and services. However, many positions require engineering or management training or expertise in the products and services being marketed.

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